Our Vision

Christ Victory Bible Ministries

We are committed to the evangelisation of ABANDONED groups like: Young and Adult Cultists/ Occultists within and outside the campus. Hospital in-patients. Inmates of Prison and the Reformatory. The aged, particularly the abandoned and the school child (Basic 1 -9) especially in the villages.

Also, we employ innovative ways to synergize with stakeholders in education for a sound education of our children and youths. We want to operate on the quadripartite of the home, the church, the school and the policy for a revival and progress of the Christian educational system of the past.

The Lord is helping us to discover areas of unmet needs in our educational system as our major focus in our school and campus evangelism programmes and initiatives (Rom. 15:20).

We shall adequately cooperate with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and all its wing or blocs, the ministers fellowship in offa and beyond, the fellowship of Christian students (FCS), the scripture union (SU) and all other children and youth ministries or fellowships. Our passion is to effectively partake in the expansion of the Kingdom of God, mainly through education and other available methods of evangelism.