Isaiah O. Olusola (Director)

Isaiah O. Olusola (Director)

I thank and praise God almighty, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for my call to serve God since about 30 years after my salvation. I also appreciate my spiritual fathers and my mentors in Christ, all my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ and all other people for their help in the training and support given me in life and ministry.

I welcome our members, friends and audience to this fellowship of service to the Lord, Jesus Christ (Luke 1:74-75)

This fellowship is an interdenominational one called primary and mainly to save and serve others and lead them to the Lord to build them up for His work.  (Mat 28:18-20). We are a team for soul wining. Especially among the people often forgotten or neglected. Such people include: occultist, the hospital patients, the orphans, the fatherless/motherless children. And other abandoned people, homeless aged, prison inmates, and inmates of the reformating, etc.

We like to help in the transformation of our dying education system into becoming a functional one through the application of the Gospel. We also want to help people to realize and enjoy the power of the word of God to solve their life problems. There are lots of help that we want God to use us to give to people.

We shall take people out to really enjoy practical evangelism and lots more in the Gospel. You will get them on our website and blog.

Thanks and remain blessed of God. AMEN.

Sincerely yours in his service.

Pastor Isaiah Olusegun OLUSOLA

              (The Director)